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Meet Our Team

The Executive Team is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Centre.

Prof Peter Hudson

Director | Centre for Palliative Care
Honorary Professor | The University of Melbourne
Honorary Professor | Vrije University, Brussels, Belgium

Peter is the Director of the Centre for Palliative Care which is a state wide academic unit based at St Vincent’s Hospital and a Collaborative Centre of The University of Melbourne, Australia. He is a Professor (Honorary) at The University of Melbourne and Professor (Honorary) at Vrije University Brussels, Belgium. Peter is a registered nurse with more than twenty-five years’ experience in palliative care practice, education and research. He was the Vice President of Palliative Care Australia and a past board director of The International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care. Peter is the Chair of the European Association for Palliative Care’s International Palliative Care Family Caregiver Research Collaboration and he is an international expert advisor to the All-Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care. Peter is a past recipient of the Premier's Award for translating evidence into practice and was appointed as a United States Fulbright scholar in 2017.

See Prof. Hudson’s Melbourne University expert profile.

A/Prof Mark Boughey

Deputy Director | Centre for Palliative Care
Director of Palliative Medicine | St Vincent's Hospital
Associate Professor | The University of Melbourne

Mark has oversight of the Centre’s education programs, as well as supervising a broad range of palliative services, research and education in his dual roles at the Centre and at St Vincent’s Hospital. He is also involved in service development on a local, state and national level as Chair and Clinical Lead of the Victorian Palliative Care Network. Mark is involved in the International Collaborative for Best Care of the Dying Person, and Chairs both the Renal Supportive Care Pathway Working Group and the Victorian Aboriginal Palliative Care Collaborative. Nationally, Mark is the immediate past president of the Royal Australian College of Physicians Chapter of Palliative Medicine, and has mentored emerging palliative medicine leaders in less developed countries through the International Palliative Medicine Leadership Development Initiative.

"As a teacher, one of the most rewarding things is when a health professional suddenly understands what palliative care is truly about."

See A/Prof Boughey’s Melbourne University expert profile.

Operations Manager, Palliative Care Services

Michael Bramwell
t: +61 3 9231 1925
e: michael.bramwell@svha.org.au

Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach (PEPA)

Tracey Mander - PEPA Manager
t: +61 3 9231 1935
e: pepa@svha.org.au

Victorian Palliative Medicine Training Program Coordinator (VPMTP)

Dr Laura Booth
t: +61 3 9231 1936
e: laura.booth@svha.org.au

Manager, Palliative Care Education and Training

Fiona Israel
t: +61 3 9231 1934
e: fiona.israel@svha.org.au

Project officer/Nurse Educator

Kate Holmes
t: +61 3 9231 1933
e: katrina.holmes@svha.org.au

Project Officer

Kerrie Cunningham
e: kerrie.cunningham@svha.org.au 

Research Fellow

David Marco
t: +61 3 9231 1929
e: david.marco@svha.org.au

Research Nurse/Project Officer

Di Saward
t: +61 3 9231 1930
e: di.saward@svha.org.au

Research Nurse

Indy Khera
t: +61 3 9231 1937
e: indy.khera@svha.org.au

Deputy Director Palliative Care Medicine,  Palliative Medicine Physician and Palliative Care Clinical Trials Lead, SVHM

Dr Jennifer Weil
e: jennifer.weil@svha.org.au

Senior Research Fellow

Kristina Thomas
t: +61 3 9231 1932
e: kristina.thomas@svha.org.au

WCMICS QUALDEATH Project Officer/ Research Fellow

Hannah Gould
e: Hannah.Gould@svha.org.au

Windermere Foundation Fellow

Dr Natasha Smallwood
e: Natasha.Smallwood@mh.org.au

Windermere Research Fellow

Amy Pascoe
e: amy.pascoe@svha.org.au

Windermere Music Therapist

Matthew Lewin
e: matthew.lewin@svha.org.au 

Advance Care Planning and Voluntary Assisted Dying

Contact svhm.eolc@svha.org.au 

Caroline Scott
t: +61 3 9231 1938
e: caroline.scott@svha.org.au

Emma Ning
e: emma.ning@svha.org.au

Palliative Care Research Network Research Fellow

Stacey Panozzo
e: stacey.panozzo@svha.org.au

PhD Students

Alysia Coventry
e: Alysia.Coventry@acu.edu.au

Lena Ly
e: lyl2@student.unimelb.edu.au

Sophie Hatzipashalis
e: s.hatzipashalis@student.unimelb.edu.au 

PA to the CPC Director & Palliative Care Services Operations Manager

Kayleigh Morris
t: +61 3 9231 1925
e: kayleigh.morris@svha.org.au

PA to the Director of Palliative Care Services

Rhonda Mason
t: +61 3 9231 1389
e: rhonda.mason@svha.org.au

Administration Officers

Katrina McLean - Senior Administration Officer
t: +61 3 9231 1939
e: katrina.mclean@svha.org.au

Alfreda Plazzer
t: +61 3 9231 1927
e: alfreda.soetopo@svha.org.au

Michelle Foot
t: +61 3 9231 1926
e: michelle.foot@svha.org.au

Shirley Glasgow
t: +61 3 9231 1928
e: shirley.glasgow@svha.org.au