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Death Happens Forum

The Centre for Palliative Care held a public forum, Death Happens! So let’s talk about how we die, to debunk commonly held myths about palliative care; provide a safe forum for people to air their concerns and learn about their options for end-of-life care; and talk about ways to talk to their family about their wishes.

Click on the forum videos below to learn more about palliative care and the important role it plays for those with life-limiting illness, and their families.

Part 1: Death Happens! : Public Forum

Prof Peter Hudson, the Director of the Centre for Palliative Care welcomes the audience and introduces the moderator,  Dr Gael Jennings, Honorary Fellow at the Centre for Advancing Journalism, The University of Melbourne, who presents a screening of Marmaduke’s Story: a family’s experience of palliative care before welcoming carer Simon Waring to the stage. Mr Waring cared for both his young son and wife throughout their terminal illnesses and speaks of the vital support palliative care provided for his family.

Part 2: Death Happens! Public Forum

Dr Jennings introduces international key note speaker, Dr Diane Meier, Director of the Center to Advance Palliative Care in New York, USA, who speaks about Transforming the Care of Serious Illness through Palliative Care.

Part 3: Death Happens! Public Forum

A moderated panel discussion takes questions from the floor. The panel, moderated by Dr Jennings, includes Dr Meier, Mr Waring, Dr Carolyn Lethborg (Clinical Leader, Cancer & Chronic Illness, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne), A/Prof  Mark Boughey (Director Palliative Medicine, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne), and Carmel Smith (Executive Manager, Goulburn Valley Hospice Care Service Inc, Shepparton).