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Victorian Palliative Medicine Training Program support to part time training

The Victorian Palliative Medicine Training Program (VPMTP) is funded by the Victorian Department of Health, and aims to provide a coordinated state-wide palliative medicine training program to address the training requirements of advanced trainees in palliative medicine and other specialties, in order to build and sustain a high-quality palliative medicine workforce in Victoria.

Victorian palliative care registrars are either doctors who are undertaking three years of specialty training to become consultants, or they are trainees in other specialties who wish to undertake a six month rotation to upskill in palliative care.

One of the challenges for training is being able to work part time. Traditionally, this has meant that two trainees have needed to pair up to job share, which is dependent on similar training and location needs. This has limited the opportunities for those who would like to work part time but are new to the area or to the specialty.

The VPMTP is committed to providing opportunities to support part time training, and this year has dedicated funding to provide opportunities to enable individual trainees to work as part time palliative care registrars.

Dr Laura Booth, VPMTP Medical Training Coordinator and Palliative Medicine Physician says, 

This is an exciting development for VPMTP, as it is the first time in the program’s 13-year history that such a opportunity has been available for trainees. We have recognised for a long time that training opportunities have needed to evolve to meet the needs of the contemporary workforce."

It is hoped that the new funding opportunity will provide trainees the support and flexibility they need to progress their training, and to balance the needs of their personal and professional lives.

26 September 2022
Category: General News