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ACE – Advanced cancer and cachexia exercise trial


Feasibility and efficacy of exercise in advanced cancer patients with cachexia

Research Overview

The ACE trial aims to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of exercise as a management strategy to counteract the burden of cachexia in patients with advanced disease. The primary objective is to investigate differences in baseline physical fitness and function, including gait speed, estimated aerobic capacity and muscular strength in individuals with advanced cancer and cachexia relative to individuals with advanced cancer who do not have cachexia. This project is being run through the Australian Catholic University and recruiting through a number of local hospitals.

Key Contact

Name: Centre for Palliative Care

Email: svhm.CPCtrials@svha.org.au

Project Team:

  • Principal Investigator – Kelcey Bland (Australian Catholic University)
  • Associate Investigator - Associate Professor Jennifer Weil
  • Associate Investigator - Dr Melissa Moore
  • Research Nurses – Indy Khera, Di Saward

Funding Source

Australian Catholic University

20 November 2019
Category: Current Projects - Clinical Trials