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PCRN Forum 2024: Shaping Palliative Care Together

PCRN Forum 2024: Shaping Palliative Care Together

2:00PM - 3:00PM Thursday 18th April 2024
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Shaping Palliative Care Together: A Panel Discussion with Consumer Advocates 

A key role of the Palliative Care Research Network (PCRN) is to promote activities that foster the evolution of collaborative scholarly inquiry in palliative care. 

There is significant policy, health service and research imperatives to improving consumer and community involvement in palliative care. Consumer involvement ensures that palliative care research and service delivery is relevant and responsive to the needs and perspectives of those receiving care, their families and communities.

Join four consumer panellists: Christine Hofmeyer, Adrienne Copley, Tristan Jallais and Catherine Dooley, as they discuss their experiences as consumer representatives in palliative care. This discussion will delve into the significance of consumer involvement in research and service delivery and explore best practices for effective engagement.

This PCRN Forum will be facilitated by: Miss Mollie Wilson (Project Officer, Centre for Palliative Care, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and University of Melbourne).

Meet the panellists

Christine Hofmeyer 

Co-Chair of Voices for Palliative Care

Christine has experienced being a carer for several family members with serious illness and palliative care needs. Christine has worked as a palliative care nurse consultant for 27 years where she was involved in providing palliative care for patients, their caregivers and family.

Adrienne Copley

Adrienne has personal experience as a carer providing care at the end-of-life for her husband with dementia. Professionally, Adrienne has experience as an accreditor for aged care, palliative care and acute health services. She believes there is much to be done to expand and improve palliative care services to provide greater access for people with serious illness.

Tristan Jallais 

Like many others in the community, Tristan was unaware of the scope and function of palliative care until both his parents were diagnosed with cancer. In providing care for his mother during her 10-months of illness, Tristan experienced the impact of a late introduction and involvement of palliative care support. In contrast, his father received responsive and supportive community, outpatient and inpatient palliative care over a long period.

Catherine Dooley

Catherine has been a carer for different family members with serious illness. Based in Tatura, regional Victoria, Catherine has worked for 35 years in nursing and clinical leadership roles across palliative care, emergency medicine and intensive care.

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