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Professional Development

The Centre for Palliative Care provides a range of professional development opportunities to health care services that cater to patients and families facing life-limiting illness, and individual health care practitioners who wish to increase their knowledge and expertise in palliative care.


Our Customised Training Programs for health care services are tailored to meet the needs of each service provider, with our specialist clinicians able to provide multi-disciplinary on-site training.

For health care professionals, we offer courses that suit every level of expertise:

  •  For those with limited experience in palliative care, our free, Online Course provides a general introduction. There are a number of Short Courses for health professionals (doctors (including general practitioners), nurses (including enrolled nurses), and allied health professionals)) who want to increase their palliative care knowledge without completing an entire post graduate course.

For more information contact:

Fiona Israel
Manager, Palliative Care Education and Training
p: 03 9416 0000
Email: centre.palliativecare@svha.org.au