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CPC Annual Lecture Webinar

CPC Annual Lecture Webinar

4:00PM - 5:00PM Wednesday 22nd November 2023
Registrations for this event are now closed.
‘The economics of palliative care – latest evidence on the impact of palliative care on health service costs’

Join us at our 2023 Annual Lecture webinar event online in November. Associate Professor Chris Schilling will be exploring the health economics of palliative care. This is a great opportunity to:

  • Better understand the economics of palliative care
  • Be exposed to the intuition and language of economic evaluation
  • Be able to source evidence to support increased investment in palliative care.

Just like palliative care itself, there is a lack of awareness about the health economics of palliative care. Yet in many cases, palliative care is highly cost-effective. In addition to improving the quality of life with those with life-limiting illnesses, investment in palliative care can reduce health care costs through the avoidance or reduction of unwarranted and costly diagnostics, ambulance trips, emergency department attendances and other futile care at the end-of-life. This lecture will delve into the latest evidence around the economics of palliative care, while also highlighting areas where there are gaps in the knowledge-base.

Presenter bio

Associate Professor Chris Schilling is a health economist at The University of Melbourne. Chris has worked in senior positions across academia, government and consultancy. At the University, Chris is the lead health economist for the MRFF-funded ARISTOCRAT stem-cell research program, and his research priorities include developing simulation models to evaluate interventions, advancing the evidence base around the economics of palliative care, and reducing low-value care across the Australian health care system. In consultancy, Chris was the lead author on the 2020 ‘Investing to Save: the economics of palliative care’ report commissioned by Palliative Care Australia. He is a strong palliative care advocate.