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Palliative Medicine Training


Physicians with an interest in further Training in Palliative Care can:

  • Undertake Advanced Specialist Training in Palliative Medicine
  • Undertake a Six-Month Registrar Position in Palliative Care
  • Apply for a Fellowship in Palliative Medicine.

Advanced Specialist Training

To be recognised as a Palliative Care Specialist, Physicians must complete Three Years Supervised Training in an Adult or Paediatric Setting. Physicians can apply through the Victorian Palliative Medicine Training Program to Accredited Services that will enable them to complete the required Training for either:

Adult medicine:

  • 6 months Inpatient Unit / Hospice
  • 6 months Community Setting
  • 6 months Teaching Hospital / Consultation
  • 6 months Cancer Care Setting
  • 6 months Palliative Medicine Variable or relevant Specialty Training
  • 6 months of Non-Core / Elective Training.

Or, Paediatrics and Child Health:

  • 24 months Core Training
  • 6 months relevant Specialty Training
  • 6 months Non-Core Training.

Clinical Diploma in Palliative Medicine

A Six-Month Registrar Position in Palliative Care is available to Doctors interested in obtaining expertise in Palliative Medicine, including Advanced Trainees from other specialties.

You will then be eligible to apply for the RACP Clinical Diploma in Palliative Medicine. The course content, which is based on the RACP-AChPM Curriculum in Palliative Medicine, can be found on the RACP website.

Click here for some answers to frequently asked questions or contact the VPMTP Medical Training Coordinator.

Fellowship in Palliative Medicine

Doctors who have completed their Advanced Training in Palliative Care through the VPMTP, or who are in their last Term, can apply for a VPMTP Funded Fellowship in Palliative Medicine Position to build their Management or Research knowledge and skills before making the transition from Registrar to Consultant.

Click here to download the Fellowship Position Guidelines.

Training Sites

Click here for a list of Accredited Health Service Training Sites for Specialist Palliative Care Training Placements in 2017-18.

All applications must be submitted to the VPMTP but Applicants are encouraged to contact the Services where they are seeking a placement for further information.


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