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02 Mar 2018

PaCCSC 9th Annual Research Forum 27 February 2018

On Tuesday 27th February the Centre for Palliative Care research nurses Rosetta Hart (pictured centre right) and Di Saward (pictured far left) attended the Palliative Care Clinical Studies Collaborative (PaCCSC ) 9th Annual Research Forum in Sydney.

Rosetta Hart said “The Forum provided a wonderful opportunity to network with other members of palliative care teams nationally and globally.

The Japanese contingent included Noriko Fujiwara (pictures centre left) and Maiko Fujimori (pictured far right). Noriko is a research nurse with the department of palliative medicine at the IMSUT hospital and the University of Tokyo and Maiko works for the National Cancer Centre in Tokyo.

We shared experiences of recruiting patients to palliative care studies as well as offering advice in conducting clinical trials in an Australian setting.

It was an exciting time to share knowledge and build relationships with other people who share the same passion for advancing research in palliative care.”

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