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21 Feb 2018

Our education team at work

Doing what they do best – designing and delivering customised education for healthcare organisations across Victoria. 

Our education team can custom design and deliver education for healthcare organisations across Victoria.

On 15 February we held a Physical Assessment Skills and Pain Assessment Masterclass for the palliative care services of Cabrini Healthcare.

Experienced palliative care clinicians led the group through physical examination skills in the morning, with the opportunity for some ‘hands on’ experience thanks to our volunteer patients.

During the afternoon the importance of communication in pain assessment was explored through the use of a case study – again facilitated by experienced palliative care clinicians.

One of our participants gave the following feedback:

Being able to practice the examination theory with a volunteer patient and an experienced 1:1 trainer/teacher was excellent. It felt very valuable in terms of my skill development and confidence. The value of the patient history discussion and management of impromptu questions/communication techniques – gathering /reflecting/acting on the history collected was very useful.

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