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How can you be compassionate, when it feels like you have a gun to your head?

Presented by Dr Margaret Ross

This 'Hot Topic' will address the issue of challenging families in palliative care – exploring the socio-cultural changes for modern families grappling with a dying loved one, how this translates to the healthcare environment and what we can do in the face of it. 

Areas of discussion include: 

  • Understanding their world – what families bring into the ward environment
  • Socio-cultural perspectives – do modern families have increasing demands/expectations?
  • Standing in the face of it – how we can approach complex families and how to not take it too personally


Dr Margaret Ross

Dr Marg Ross is a senior clinical psychologist with Psychosocial Cancer Care and Palliative Care at St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne. She has recently co-authored a chapter in Textbook for Palliative Care on 'Challenging Family Dynamics' and regularly provides workshops on managing complex scenarios. 

Dr Ross loves Earl Grey tea more than your average, is a self-proclaimed ‘name-that-tune’ champ, has a disturbing love of 80’s music, and isn’t afraid of carbs.

Drinks, nibbles and networking follow this event.

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